Courses & Workshops

Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes offer an innovative mix of courses and workshops that are not typically available in high school and are taught in a college-style seminar setting.

Go Beyond the Classroom

The academic program exposes participants to university-level content and teaching style in a classroom that fosters communication, innovation, and creativity. Courses, labs, and workshops draw on a range of subjects taught in the Stanford schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and Business.

Unique Schedule & Academic Program

Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes will work closely with select organizations to understand the interests and ability level of the participants in their group. Based on this information, International Institutes staff will create a unique schedule, with an academic program that helps participants learn advanced content and develop lifelong skills. Academic subjects can range from sciences and engineering to writing and humanities, and themes may include creativity, leadership, design thinking, problem solving, and communication.