Housing & Dining

Participants get a taste of what life is like for Stanford undergraduates by living in campus residences and eating at the dining halls.

Living at Stanford

Participants will also be exposed to the American college life experience by living in dormitories used by Stanford undergraduates during the academic school year. While there will be groups from other countries participating in the program at the same time, the International Institutes staff will strive to place each group within a single dormitory.

While the dormitories are co-ed, boys and girls will be housed on separate floors or separate areas of the dormitories. Dormitories typically have their own lounge, computer cluster, laundry facility, and common area.

Participants are assigned to either a single, double, or triple room. Students share with another student from the same program. A trained staff of undergraduate students live in residence and serve as residential counselors and mentors with the mission of supporting a safe, warm, and inviting residential community. 

All rooms are equipped with window coverings and furnished with an extra-long twin bed, desk and chair, bookcase, dresser, and wardrobe for each student. In addition, wireless connectivity is available.

Dining Halls & Meals

Participants eat in Stanford cafeteria-style dining halls, which serve a range of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining halls provide vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, and special dietary needs (such as halal or gluten-free meals) can be accommodated. Mid-afternoon snacks are served daily at the residences. Special catered dinners are typically provided once per week.